Pet Heartworm Prevention

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Pet Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm disease can, unfortunately, cause death to cats or dogs that contract this condition. Because of the seriousness of your pet possibly getting heartworm disease, it is essential to provide them with heartworm treatment to keep them from falling victim to this deathly situation. Contact North Yonge Veterinary Hospital in Newmarket for veterinary care if you suspect your pet has this condition or to get preventative treatment. Here is some information about heartworm disease to read so you understand what happens if a pet gets it, how to protect your pet at home, and what our vet can do to help.

What Happens When A Pet Gets Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease is transferred to a pet via the bite of an infected mosquito. If a mosquito with this disease happens to bite your cat or dog, small larvae will make their way through their bloodstream and end up in the lungs and heart. Here, the larvae will grow into small worms that will cause various symptoms, including excessive coughing, breathing difficulties, and lethargy. The organs will eventually fail, and death could occur.

How To Protect Your Pet Against Heartworm Disease

The best way to protect your pet from heartworm disease is to see our veterinarian for preventative treatment. At home, do your best to minimise the mosquito population around your property. This can be done by removing all water sources from your property, as they are prime areas for mosquitoes to breed. Use citronella candles around your home when your pet is outdoors to help keep mosquitoes away from them as well. If you live in an area with excessive mosquitoes, consider hiring a pest control service for your property.

What Veterinary Care Can Do To Help

When you make an appointment for veterinary care, our practitioner will conduct a full examination to check your pet for the presence of heartworm disease. If your pet already has this condition, our vet will explain the options available to you to help your pet live their life comfortably. Dogs can be treated for the disease. Cats do not have a treatment option to eliminate the disease. Prevention is key to keeping your pet well-protected against this deadly disease. Our vet will prescribe medication to be taken orally according to a specified schedule. This way, if an infected mosquito bites your pet, it will not contract the disease.

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