Pet Spaying & Neutering

People who own cats and dogs have many questions when it comes to spay & neuter procedures.

Pet Spaying & Neutering in Newmarket, ON

And rightfully so! You care and love your furry, four-legged friend, and the veterinarians and staff at our spay and neuter clinic are here every step of the way to educate you on the processes involved and to answer your questions.

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What is Spay or Neuter Surgery?

Spaying and neutering are safe and humane ways of sterilizing your pet. Having your pet spayed or neutered has many health benefits. For example, they ensure a longer lifespan and prevent unwanted litter. Moreover, they dramatically reduce the chances of mammary gland cancer. In addition, spaying or neutering eliminates the chances of life-threatening uterine, ovarian, and prostate cancers and infections and excludes annoying behaviors associated with heat cycles. Pet spaying and neutering reduce roaming behavior, certain kinds of aggression, urine marking, and various infections and cancers.

We Give Your Pet Free Pain Medication for Their Spays & Neuters

Spaying and neutering are major surgical operations. As a result, we ensure your pet is looked after from start to finish. Your pet’s safety is our first and foremost concern – just ask any of our clients. We give each four-legged patient safe and effective pain medication and provide five days of pain medication for their procedure at no extra charge. That’s right, it’s free!

It’s important to know that before you bring your pet for their spay or neuter procedure, all vaccinations must be up to date. This policy is for the protection of all of our patients.

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Tests and What You Need to Know

We recommend blood testing prior to general anesthesia for a spay and neuter surgery. Blood testing allows us to get a snapshot of how your pet’s liver, kidneys, and other organs are functioning and screen for infections, inflammation, anemia, or low blood glucose. The more our veterinarians know before any spay and neuter operation, the smoother the overall process will be for your pet.

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