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At North Yonge Veterinary Hospital in Newmarket, ON, our team of dedicated professionals is focused on providing pet care to promote and support your pet’s health.

Pet Examinations & Check-Ups in Newmarket, ON

As an animal hospital, we offer various services, including pet examinations & check-ups.
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Pet Examinations & Check-Ups

One of the first steps to supporting your pet’s health is scheduling an appointment with our veterinarian for a wellness exam. With a thorough pet exam, our veterinarian can do diagnostic testing to determine if your pet has any medical issues and create an effective plan of action for treating the issue.

Once your pet has an initial wellness exam at our hospital, it is recommended that you continue with annual pet examinations & check-ups. This preventative care can protect your pet’s quality of life well into its senior years.

Preventative care covers several areas of your pet’s health. Along with vaccinations to help prevent health issues, such as rabies, parvovirus, heartworm disease, distemper, and potentially more, preventative care also includes treating pet infections and eliminating and controlling fleas and ticks.

Providing preventative care services can be a life-long endeavor for your pets and one that pays off in several ways. Pet examinations & check-ups can help provide consistent health care for your pet. A pet exam also provides an opportunity for treatments that help eliminate any pain or suffering your pet may be experiencing and an early diagnosis that can help avoid prolonged illness and medical bills.

Our Services

Once your pet has had his wellness examination, we will continue to promote good health by offering various services to support their ongoing health regimen. At our animal hospital, we offer additional services. Just like their owners, pets can experience dental issues. At our hospital, pets have access to dental examinations and treatments. We also provide spaying and neutering, parasite prevention, guidance regarding your pet’s nutrition, puppy and kitten care, and senior pet care. We can also help prevent and care for pet infections.

Contact our Animal Hospital for a Pet Exam

Whether you are bringing in a puppy or kitten, an adolescent, or a senior pet for the first time or an annual exam, our pet-friendly staff in Newmarket, ON, is available to diagnose, treat, and plan a health regimen specific to your pet. We are here to answer any questions about preventative care and why ongoing visits to our animal hospital benefit your pet. Call us at (905) 830-0437.