Veterinary Services

At North Yonge Veterinary Hospital, you can trust that your pets are in great hands. Our hospital is a full service facility and is equipped with the latest in technology. Moreover, we provide an array of  in-house veterinary procedures such as examinations, surgeries, hospitalizations, ultrasound, x-rays, blood tests and more.

Veterinary Services

The pets at North Yonge Veterinary Hospital we have a special interest in preventative health care for your pet. Thus, our veterinary clinic offers everything when it comes to preventative health care to ensure your pet is happy, healthy and lives longer. Preventative health care for your pet means you save money down the road and better yet, your pet lives a long and healthy life, and these are good things.

a dog getting a bandaged off

Pet Arthroscopic

a cat lying on a towel

Pet Wellness Exams

a person brushing a dog's teeth

Pet Dentistry

a dog looking at x-ray

Pet Diagnostic Testing

a dog lying on a bed

Emergency Pet Care

a dog being examined by a vet

Pet Examinations &

a person holding a needle to a dog's head

Pet Flea &
Parasite Prevention

a cat lying on a white surface

Pet Full Service
Animal Hospital

a dog biting a treat

Pet Heartworm

person holding a cat wearing a yellow post surgery cover

Pet Laparoscopic
Spay Surgeries

a person brushing a cat

Pet Microchipping

a cat eating out of a bowl

Pet Nutrition

a hand petting a cat

Pet Orthopedic Surgery

a person spraying a dog's hair

Pet Preventative Care

a vet holding a dog and a cat

Puppy and Kitten Care

a person petting a dog

Senior Pet Care

a paw with a bandage on it

Pet Spaying & Neutering

person applying parasite prevention to puppy

Pet Tick Prevention

a person petting a dog

Pet Ultrasound

a dog being held by a vet

Pet Vaccinations