Pet Flea & Parasite Prevention

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Flea & Parasite Prevention

As a member of your family, your pet – cat or dog – must be up to date with their Flea, Tick, and Parasite Prevention shots to be healthy and parasite-free. It is common for dogs and cats to become infected with some form of a parasite, just within their lifetime. A parasite can lead to irritation and even life-threatening conditions. Pet parasites are also a threat to people’s health, so we are here to help.

Here are some common parasites that may affect your pet: Fleas, ticks, coccidia, ear mites, giardia, heartworms, hookworms, mange mites, roundworms, tapeworms, toxoplasmosis, and whipworms.

The staff at the North Yonge Veterinary Hospital will educate you on best practices for keeping your pet healthy and safe.

Top Flea, Tick, Parasite Prevention Tips

  • Good personal hygiene
  • Using preventative flea and worm treatment year-round
  • Minimising exposure to high-traffic pet areas
  • Cleaning up pet feces regularly

We suggest that you visit your veterinarian for regular testing and examinations for optimal pet care. We also administer worming medication as recommended by our veterinarians and encourage you to ask about parasite infection risks and effective year-round preventive control measures administered monthly.

It’s proven that parasites can infect your pet any time of year, no matter the weather or climate. External parasites, such as fleas and ticks, may be less prevalent outside during certain times of the year; however, they often survive in the house during the winter months, creating an uninterrupted life cycle. In addition, other internal parasites, such as worms, may affect your pet all year long. That’s why it’s essential to implement a year-round parasite control program.

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