ear infections

Both dogs and cats may suffer from ear infections that can be painful and affect their hearing. Some pets may have recurring ear infections. These problems can be managed with medication from the vet. At North Yonge Veterinary Hospital in Newmarket, ON, we provide effective treatment for pet ear infections.

Symptoms of Ear Infection in Pets

Dogs may often shake the head, tilt the head to one side, or scratch at the ears. You may notice an odor or a brown or black discharge coming from the ears. The infected ear may seem red or swollen, and your dog may not want you to touch the ears. Cats may have a black or yellow discharge in the ears, may seem lethargic, and may not respond to your voice because of hearing loss. Severe ear infections can cause facial paralysis.

Causes of Ear Infections

Bacteria, yeasts, and ear mites are the most common causes of ear infections in dogs. Bacteria or yeast growth in the ear canal set the stage for frequent ear infections, and foreign bodies in the ear can also lead to problems. Ear infections in cats can be caused by bacteria, fungus growth, yeast, ear mites, excess wax, or polyps in the ears. Diabetes, autoimmune system disorders, and food allergies can also cause frequent ear infections.

Treatment of Ear Infections in Pets

Your veterinarian will look into your pet’s ears using an otoscope, which magnifies the view of the inside of the ear canal. In most cases, antibiotics will take care of the problem. However, severe cases may need hospitalization and observation for neurological effects. In some cases, surgery must be done to drain the ear or remove growths. Animals generally recuperate quickly after ear surgery. Ear infections caused by allergies may need antihistamine medications.

Your Veterinarian in Newmarket Treats Ear Infections in Pets

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