conditions that we treat

Caring for your pet is an important task so that they live a long, comfortable, and healthy life. Bringing your pet to North Yonge Veterinary Hospital to meet with our veterinarians in Newmarket can help protect and remedy your pet from a variety of conditions. Here are some conditions our practice treats.

Dental Difficulties

Pets require routine cleanings of their teeth to keep them in the best of condition. If your pet has been having difficulty eating, has redness or inflammation of the gums, or has a broken or loose tooth, bringing them our practice is best. When dental problems are not treated, other medical conditions can arise as a result. Our vet will check over your pet’s teeth, make recommendations regarding treatment of dental problems, and will provide your pet with teeth cleaning for optimal oral hygiene.

Dietary Needs

Pets with weight issues require intervention from our vet so that they receive the proper nutrition from the foods that they eat. Our vet will discuss options regarding weight loss or gain for your pet and will give you options regarding specific food brands and types so your pet’s weight stabilizes. Your pet will require regular visits to check on their progress.


A pet with an allergy will require treatment so it does cause them distress. Pets can suffer from allergic reactions caused by food, the environment, or chemicals. Our vet will run tests to determine the type of allergy your pet is suffering from and will help you discover what triggers reactions so that they can be avoided in the future. Medication may be necessary to alleviate symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Parasite Problems

Unfortunately, pets are prone to parasitic infestations if preventative measures are not taken to keep these pets from causing distress. If your pet is suffering from an infestation of fleas, ticks, ear mites, or intestinal parasites, our vet will provide them with medication to eliminate them from the body completely. Our office also recommends preventing further infestations of parasites with proper medication and immunizations.

Mobility Troubles

Some pets suffer from arthritis, just as people do. When a pet gets older, you may notice they are not able to get around as easily as they had in the past. Our vet will evaluate your pet’s mobility and help devise a treatment plan to minimize discomfort. Recommendations regarding lifestyle changes are also discussed with you to alleviate discomfort and pain as needed.