Payment Options

Learn more about the payment options we accept below.

Payment Options

Here at North Yonge Veterinary Hospital, we accept many different payment options, including all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express), debit, cash, and Trupanion. 

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Credit Cards

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Most cats and dogs will need veterinary attention at some point in their life, and there’s no knowing how serious things could be or how much it could cost. This is where Trupanion pet health insurance can make a significant difference.

Trupanion coverage is robust and tailored to have your pet’s back for all new and unexpected injuries and illnesses. Our coverage is based on the actual prices veterinarians charge for care — from diagnostic testing and medications to hospitalizations and everything in between. We never impose payout limits, so you can rest assured your pet has access to the best veterinary treatment when they need it most.

Highlights of the CareCredit Program

  • Unlimited payouts for life
  • Your vet bill paid directly in seconds
  • #1 in America, trusted by vets and pet parents