urinary tract infection (uti’s)

Urinary tract infections are excruciating and stressful to deal with. If you suspect your pet has a UTI, you must talk to a veterinarian about what to do. Our North Yonge Veterinary Hospital team in Newmarket, ON, can help you manage your pet’s UTI.

What Are Some Symptoms of a Pet UTI?

If you see any changes to your pet’s urinary habits, it could mean they’re developing a UTI. One significant sign is a frequent urge to urinate with little to no urine. Your pet will also be in pain. Look for signs of discomfort, especially if they’re licking their genitals frequently. You might also notice incontinence or blood in their urine. The severity of the infection and whether it has spread may mean they have a fever and localized pain.

How Are UTIs Treated?

Our veterinarian will treat a pet infection if they develop one. They will do an examination and take a urine sample to test your pet for a UTI. You must get antibiotics from a pet pharmacy if the test returns positive. Your vet will tell you how to do this. Ensure your pet takes all medication, even if they start to feel better, partway through the intended timeframe. Then, your pet pharmacy will give you the correct medication to prevent a pet infection.

How Can I Prevent Pet UTIs?

The best option is to prevent a pet UTI as much as possible. First, make sure your pet drinks lots of water. This tactic ensures they are well-hydrated and keep their urinary tract moving smoothly. You should also ensure they get regular pee breaks throughout the day. Holding urine can be uncomfortable and invite bacteria, which can cause a UTI to form or return. Regular grooming also helps. If your pet gets regular UTIs, have your veterinarian check for any underlying conditions that might be causing them. This check-up will prevent future issues.

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