Pet Dental Care

By failing to address your pet’s dental needs, you could be endangering his health. If not corrected, dental problems can escalate into more serious issues that affect your pet’s overall health. By making pet dental care a priority, your pet can enjoy good oral and physical health. Pet owners in Newmarket or the surrounding area can bring their pets to North Yonge Veterinary Hospital for quality dental care.

What to Expect from Pet Dental Care

Like people, pets need professional help to maintain good oral health. At North Yonge Veterinary Hospital in Newmarket, we offer comprehensive dental exams and cleanings for dogs and cats.

During a dental exam, we’ll examine your pet’s teeth and gums for signs of infection, dental problems, and gum disease. We’ll also take x-rays of your pet’s teeth and jaw to confirm bone health. If your pet has no dental issues, we’ll proceed to clean his teeth. If we discover problems, we’ll recommend options for treatment.

Dental cleanings involve scaling and polishing your pet’s teeth. We’ll remove plaque and tartar that’s accumulated on your pet’s teeth, especially under the gum line, to protect him from developing periodontal disease. Afterward, we’ll polish your pet’s teeth, leaving them smooth and scratch-free.

Our dental services are performed under anesthesia so your pet doesn’t suffer from pain. Sedating your pet also keeps him still, so we can conduct an in-depth exam and cleaning.

Signs of Dental Problems

We recommend your pet have annual dental exams. If your pet shows signs of dental issues in between visits, contact your Newmarket veterinarian right away for a checkup. Some common symptoms of dental problems are pain, loss of appetite, difficulty chewing, bleeding gums, excessive drooling, and discolored teeth.

Importance of Home Care

Professional cleaning combined with home dental care will help keep your pet’s teeth healthy and strong. We suggest you brush your pet’s teeth regularly with pet toothpaste to remove plaque. You can also purchase chew toys and treats that promote healthier teeth.

See Your Newmarket Veterinarian for Pet Dental Care

For quality dental care services for your kit or pup, contact North Yonge Veterinary Hospital in Newmarket at 905-830-0437.