The Best Practices for Parasite Prevention

Pet owners that live in or around Newmarket, ON, can rely on the pet health services at North Yonge Veterinary Hospital. Our full-service animal hospital will provide your precious pet with parasite prevention, tick prevention, a wellness examination, or vaccinations. Our veterinarian, Dr. Arzem, will develop a plan of action to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

Types of Pet Parasites

Your pet may become infected by parasites. An infestation can happen at any age and at any time of the year. Fleas and ticks are two common external parasites that pets must deal with throughout their life. Internal parasites that affect a pet’s health include pests like hookworms, ear mites, tapeworms, heartworms, and more. Not only is a parasite infestation uncomfortable for your pet, but it can also impact your pet’s health. In some cases, a parasite may affect you and your family’s health as well. Consistent parasite prevention for your pet will help promote a healthy household for everyone.

Visit Our Animal Hospital in Newmarket

The best flea and tick prevention program involves having your pet checked thoroughly and tested at our animal hospital. Depending on test results, our veterinarian will recommend preventive treatments, such as vaccination, monthly tick and/or flea prevention medication, or medication to eliminate worms. Our team will also provide tips on the best ways to help keep your pet free of parasites throughout the year. For your convenience, our animal hospital also offers online shopping for veterinarian-approved items that do not require a prescription. Shop one time only or set up auto-shipping for items for your dog or cat such as food, treats, healthcare, and flea and tick medication.

Your First Step in Preventing Parasites

When your pet is experiencing a problem with parasites, call North Yonge Veterinary Hospital in Newmarket at (905) 830-0437 to schedule an appointment. We have provided years of professional service by highly our highly qualified staff. Your pet will receive the proper care and compassion that he or she deserves.