If you own a pet, you’ve signed up for the duty of maintaining her overall health. Vaccines are part of your pet’s health. Pets, just like humans, need vaccinations to protect them from certain diseases. Scheduling an annual visit to your vet and having an up-to-date vaccination will keep your canine buddy safe and healthy. Not up-to-date with pet vaccinations? At North Yonge Veterinary Hospital, we offer several pet services, including vaccinations for pet owners in Newmarket, ON, and its surroundings. If you haven’t vaccinated your pet, here are the benefits you are missing out on.

Protects Your Pet’s Health

Vaccination is preventative care. Its main goal is to protect your pet from future diseases by increasing its immunity. For example, parasites like ticks and fleas can cause many diseases, including Lyme disease, but vaccination and proactive flea and tick prevention can keep this deadly disease in check.

Protect Your Health

Some pet diseases like leptospirosis and rabies are zoonotic. Which means they can easily be transmitted from your pet to humans. Vaccinations help minimize the risk of human infection. Pet vaccination is a must-have activity, especially if you have vulnerable people around you, like young children or elderly pets.

Curb Disease Spread

Vaccinations help your pet from contracting diseases from other pets and vice versa. Some people will not vaccinate their pets even if it’s mandatory. That’s why you should take measures to vaccinate your pet.

It’s Mandatory

It’s a legal requirement to have your pet vaccinated, especially against rabies. Failure to vaccinate your pet against rabies may cost you a heavy penalty.

Pet Boarding

If you want your pet to board in any facility, one essential requirement is that your pet should be up-to-date with vaccinations.

Flea and Tick Prevention in Newmarket, ON

With an up-to-date vaccination, you save yourself expensive costs if your pet contracts an illness due to a lack of immunization. Don’t wait until you are sorry. Vaccinate your pet at North Yonge Veterinary Hospital and keep it healthy. We offer several pet care services in Newmarket, ON, and the nearby areas. Call us at (905) 830-0437 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian.